Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nathalie talks to Scott Sloan on WLW

I talked to Scott Sloan about the LPGA decision to have their foreign players pass an English test to participate in the tour - more about that story at http://www.golfweek.com/protours/lpga/story/lpga-english-news-082508

During our conversation, Scott raised a valid question: why should Americans learn a foreign language, since it's not a necessity for them as much as it is for Europeans? I'm not sure that my answer convinced him... so do me a favor and respond to this post with what I could have said to win him over!

Here's the recording for you:

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Jean Dean interviews Nathalie Fairbanks on WRVC

Nathalie had a lovely conversation with Jean Dean about learning a language in Europe vs. the U.S., how to keep up your language skills, whether or not to study Latin, and what's different between learning a language as a child vs. learning as an adult.

Click here to listen to their exchange:

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